At Moon Tide Massage, I offer a variety of services. Generally speaking, a massage at my hands includes a combination of different stokes and techniques. Each one used for a specific purpose designed to help you with your health goals.

  • Tension Relief and Relaxation

    Do you have frequent headaches? Do you carry all your stress in your shoulders?  Do you just need to get away from it all and let your mind go? The smooth, slow strokes of Swedish Massage are just the ticket.

  • Muscle Stiffness and Soreness

    You’ve overdone it at the gym. You’ve “pulled a muscle” overworking yourself. You want something a little more aggressive than a “relaxation” massage. Some deeper work on those tight spots might be called for.

  • Injury Rehabilitation

    Do you think you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Perhaps you’ve had problems with your hip or shoulder, with chronic pain and limited range of movement. You may want to spend the entire hour just working on the spot that hurts.

  • Lymphatic Drainage

    The lymph system is your defense against illness and swelling. When it’s working right, it drains excess fluid from your tissues and produces the antibodies that fight off disease and illness. I use it specifically to help drain sinuses and reduce edemas that people get after surgeries. This is a very light-touch modality designed to get your lymphatic system moving, draining excess interstitial fluid and producing antibodies to keep you healthy.

  • Cranial-Sacral Therapy

    This very light touch therapy is extraordinarily relaxing and therapeutic. As the practitioner works with the subtle rhythms, the hands are placed on specific areas to open the flow of energy and healing, allowing your body to find peace and healing within itself. The modality is done with the client fully-clothed.

These techniques, as well as others, are used to help you. You will be interviewed to find out what your needs are, and I will work as closely as possible with you to achieve your goals.