Map and Directions


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Moon Tide Massage is located in Sandy, Utah. This page shows the map and directions for how to get there.

I am on the west side of the freeway. Take 90th South to 450 West (Sandy Parkway), and turn south. Go about a block to 9120 South and turn east. Drive under the railroad overpass to the end of the street and turn south again. I’m located  in the brown building next to the flagpole in front of Standard Plumbing. There is a big marquee near the street with 9160 on it, and you will see my logo. You can park on either the north or south side of the building and enter in any of the doors that go upstairs. I’m located in Suite 16. If you need help finding your way, just call me (801-647-3812) and I’ll guide you in.

It’s a little bit tricky to find the first time because 300 West doesn’t go all the way through to 90th South, but after the first time, it’s quite easy to get to.



Street View